Bunny Mini Decals

Bunny Mini Decals


Super cute, and stylish - our set of 10 mini bunny decals are the easiest way to add some fun and style to your little ones nursery.

Easy to remove and reuse over and over again, the possibilities with our Mister Fly bunny are endless. TOO CUTE!


Preparation - Check the wall for any defect’s as it is important to start with a smooth clean surface.

Position – Before applying the decal to the wall, work out where you would like to position the decal in the bedroom/nursery.   

Stick time - Peel back the backing sheet and start to apply the sticker from the left hand side.  Continue to smooth the sticker with your hands. Best to work your way down and outwards to remove any possible bubbles.  If wrinkles do occur, apply slight pressure and rub them down wards.  You can slowly remove the effected area and re apply if needed.

Moving - Best of all the decals can be reused, just peel and reapply!

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